Manufacturer of insulated wire, cable and tubing. 

Booster Cable

Badger Wire manufactures booster cable to service a variety of industries. Badger’s booster cable comes in the more traditional figure eight construction and in the unique double “D” configuration. Badger’s booster cable can also be purchased in both standard and flexible stranding as well as in 80 deg C & 105 deg. C PVC and 105 deg. C TPE insulations. Badger also has the capability to apply either a printed or co-extruded stripe to all products.

wdt_ID part number gauge size conductor strand & type o.d. 30" reels package in feet 36" reels package in feet
1 B02020-WR 2/2 7x95/.0100 .520x1.14 .6M 1.2M
2 B04203-WR 4/2 7x59/.0100 .450x.985 1M 2M
3 B04205-WR 4/2 7x59/.0100 .470x1.04 .7M 1.5M
4 B04220-WR 4/2 7x19/.0170 .400x.815 1.2M 2.5M
5 B06203-WR 6/2 7x19/.0139 .320x.650 1.8M 3.6M
6 B06204-WR 6/2 7x19/.0139 .320x.650 1.8M 3.6M
7 B06209-WR 6/2 7x19/.0139 .320x.650 1.8M 3.6M
8 B08207-WR 8/2 7x19/.0113 .230x.460 3M 6M
9 B08209-WR 8/2 7x24/.0100 .295x.620 2.5M 5M
10 B10200-WR 10/2 105/.0100 .234x.483 4M 8M

Bare and Tinned Copper Conductors 105°C TPE and 80°C PVC Insulation.
Co-extruded or Printed Stripe Available / Double D or Figure 8 Construction / 30″ to 36″ Reels Standard Put-Up